Code of Federal Regulations,TITLE 47 TELECOMMUNICATIONS 0-19, Revised as of October 1, 2022

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Code of Federal Regulations, Title 47: Telecommunications is the definitive resource for understanding the federal regulations governing the telecommunications industry in the United States. This 2023 edition offers comprehensive and up-to-date regulatory guidelines that are crucial for professionals working in telecommunications, broadcasting, and media sectors.

This volume covers all aspects of telecommunications regulation, including rules for radio, television, and satellite communications, as well as policies for broadband services, spectrum management, and more. Whether you are a telecommunications provider, a legal professional, or a policy maker, this book is essential for navigating the complex regulatory environment of the telecommunications industry.

Part 0 provides an overview of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) organizational structure, including the roles and responsibilities of its various divisions and offices. This section is essential for understanding how the FCC operates and administers telecommunications regulations.

Part 1 details the procedures for practice and regulatory processes before the FCC. It covers rules for filings, hearings, and other procedural aspects necessary for compliance with telecommunications regulatio.

Part 2 addresses frequency allocations for radio communications and adherence to international radio treaties. It includes regulations for managing the electromagnetic spectrum and coordinating international radio communications.

Part 5 provides regulations for experimental radio services, including the application process for experimental licenses and operational guidelines for conducting experimental radio communications.

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