Annual Review of Environment and Resources VOL. 43, 2018

The Annual Review of Environment and Resources is a useful resource for researchers and practitioners working on nature-society interactions who want and ought to know the current state of affairs on the topics reviewed, but who do not have the time to cover the individual articles in each of the dozen or so high-impact journals that would need to be read to keep up to date.

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The Annual Review of Environment and Resources, established in 1976, is a respected publication that offers authoritative and comprehensive reviews of important subjects in the field of environmental science and engineering. The journal covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to ecology and conservation science, water and energy resources, atmosphere, oceans, climate change, agriculture and living resources, and the human dimensions of resource use and global change. The articles published in this journal provide in-depth analysis, synthesis of research findings, and critical evaluations of advancements in these areas. The Annual Review of Environment and Resources serves as a valuable resource for researchers, academics, and professionals seeking a deeper understanding of the complex challenges and opportunities in environmental science and engineering.

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