• Poro-Mechanics IV

    The main sections of the book listed below demonstrate the scope of this important poromechanics text. Main Sections: Biomechanics Computation; Poromechanics in Bone; Ultrasonic Measurements; CO2 Sequestration; Unsaturated Geomaterials; Micromechanics of Granular Porous Media; Multiscale and Stochastic Modeling of Porous Media; Pavement and Subbase Materials; Thermodynamics and Information Theory; Nonlinear Effects, Shock Wave, and Fractures in Acoustics; Seismic Wave Propagation; Nano-indentation and Lab Measurement; Analytical and Computational Solutions; Multiphase Fluid Flow in Deformable Porous Media; Constitutive Models; Strain Localization and Dynamic Loading